What should I learn Photoshop? – Adobe Stock Contributor

A lot! There are so many tutorials to learn to paint digitally and this is definitely not the best, but here are five that are definitely worth a look:

These tutorials are all very different and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. You can also download my free Photoshop Tuts.

My first Photoshop tutorial covers building texture, color, lighting and masks. It is a perfect choice for anyone new to Photoshop.

Using color and lighting in a photorealistic paint program such as Photoshop is absolutely essential to make your picture pop. Use the color swatches to achieve the look you want!

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This tutorial shows how to get a more realistic looking 3D character in Photoshop. First you will need some kind of 3D camera model like the one below or download it here:

After you have your model, load it into Photoshop and create a shape. For this tutorial I’m using a character head texture but you can use any kind of textures and images to create your look. Also you can use a head texture to do an animated head.

If you use a very realistic texture, like the one from the website “” (they also make a great mesh mask) this tutorial will help you to create realistic looking faces.

Use one image to do two steps of a face. Then you can do a single image with the other.

One last tutorial you might like is the one that’s not for beginners! It’s all about lighting! Here it is: Lighting in Photoshop

A tutorial that’s more complex and has a lot of explanations, but still well read, is this one on 3 different light levels in Photoshop. Read about this one here: 3 different light levels.

This is really something you just have to try and this one also shows how to create the perfect portrait! Try it out for yourself here!

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