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As a practical matter, it depends on an individual’s particular circumstances. Generally, it’s more difficult as someone who’s not a professional photographer. But in some situations, a person might be able to sell his or her image for a significant amount.

Why does this topic matter?

For the vast majority of photographers, images acquired at a professional photographer’s office are the property of the photographer. There are only a few exceptions — some small-town photo houses and the larger institutions such as Getty Images — but this is generally considered a “buyer’s market.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Why do people buy or sell an image?

What will you be charged?

A small percentage of your fee will vary depending on your image being sold. However, the typical fee is either £5,000 for a fully formatted digital file, or £25,000 for a digital image that has been modified.

When will a photograph be destroyed or taken?

The process is typically a very long one — often in the weeks, if not months. It doesn’t mean you’re done or a picture will necessarily be stolen.

What will I buy?

Once the buyer and seller are in contact, you’ll first talk about everything that will be covered in the sale. This means figuring out your own fees and, for the most part, talking about image formats and formats, sizes, and the pros and cons of each. As a general rule, professional photographers typically charge about £500 to £1,000 for each image. At the other end of the scale, your average amateur photographer will charge about £1,100 to £1,300 ($2,200 to $2,400).

What’s the deal with legal fees?

You never know how much of a price you might end up receiving on an image; it could have no value and an enormous value to say the least. But you can expect to pay something between £200 and £500 for handling those kinds of situations.

Will the buyer of the image get to keep it?

Generally, yes.

How long does it take?

You’ll need to talk through your details with the seller and figure out how and when you’re going to get paid (usually either one or two days). Some photographers will require the buyer to submit the image within 12 to 48 hours. If one does not happen, the buyer may still get them.

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