Why are feet pics a thing?

Are you serious? Why wouldn’t you have a foot or two?!?!

If not, well…

I will make sure you get a chance at getting an autograph. I have photos of your feet already, I know what they look like; you can see it in the photos you were given.

It doesn’t do anything other than make your day, or just make people smile. I feel so comfortable with the idea of your pictures. I just know you’re going to look awesome doing it.

Your feet are awesome, and it will go a long way to showing that off on social media.

If your foot pics are anything like my photos, they should not take up more than 30 seconds of your photo time…

You don’t need to take that much, because most people don’t use that much. I used a photo that takes half the frame. So my hands are a minute, but my face a whole second. I only have a minute, but my face is like a second.

You can have photos of the whole time too, that way people can actually see the person, without having to zoom in or crop. Here’s a example…

If you’d like to request a photo of this man (and if you have, it’ll have to be before I give you your picture,) you can email me at:

[email protected]

You can also just send me a message and tell me what you’d like in a photo. Also, if you have the opportunity I’d love to pose for your photos. Again, just let me know what you’d like in a photo, and I’ll get to you!

Now… on to the fun part.

We need to start something. You know, a fun thing that will help us all grow and develop as a team, a sport, as a society. If you want to ask about doing this, that’s cool too!

You’d be surprised how often people that know you say things like your name is cute, or that they’d love to meet you, or you’re a cool sport, or you’re awesome…

I’ve even been told the nickname for me is “The Puffer” (you’re so lucky!), but I just say “Puffer” all the time to people that I meet. If you have a nickname, let me know so we can give you an autograph.