Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Beginning Pole Dancing Moves Names

Yes. You can! You have the right to learn a variety of dance styles at home and start practicing at age 6. We can help you with this as you take your dance classes.

What’s the cost?

$65 for 3 months of learning to pole, $150 for one month of dancing.

What about family?

We have a great dance class schedule that you can enjoy with your family. Just ask us what you want to dance for the next class and we can find a class that works for you. We never charge for dance classes.

What is a dance instructor?

You can learn pole dancing at home and on stage. A dance instructor is just an individual who has experience with pole dancing that the students will learn through our dance instruction programs.
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When can I start a class?

This is a very common question, but we don’t have any specific classes that start on a certain date. A dance class may start any day and you can call and schedule it on one of our convenient schedules. All dance classes for children ages 4-12 and up begin on Monday morning.

Will classes fill up?

Many pole classes do not fill up, but it is important to have a regular schedule. Most dance classes are full so don’t be discouraged if your class drops off one day during your class. Keep in mind that we never charge a class if the class fills up during the course of the week.

Will you be there if I fall down during my class?

Yes, we will be there to help. Sometimes students think that their instructor is not there when they fall and sometimes that person is at home, but we will always be there. You can also bring your own dance partner to practice with you.

Can you teach me how to pole?

We will teach you the basics of pole and then move on to teaching you about different styles of dancing. It’s important to note you cannot pole dance to your heart’s content. You will need to spend time practicing and learning all that you know before you are ready to go head to head and compete.

What if I don’t have any formal dance class?

We can help! You can learn swing, ballet, ballet dancing, Latin rhythms, hip hop, rock, and most others. With this degree of flexibility we can also help you find ways to mix dancing styles such as yoga.

Are there classes to suit all ages

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