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I started to perform the act of pole dancing as a hobby, as we were traveling around Europe for our music career and as I had never been to Europe. I would train with a pole dance instructor all the time, and I would get to play the pole so I knew the moves. At the end of the day, it was all about the money. At my best, I was able to earn over $1,000 a week.

Did I start at a young age?

Yeah. I started at 21, when I learned the basics with no dance experience. Then, my dancing career accelerated when I started traveling the world.

My favorite pole dance instructors were the dancers I trained with in Europe. I also met some amazing dancers who went all the way down to Florida and danced with the biggest and best and had the best of it. The pole dance is very hard to do, and it requires a lot of stamina, which is the reason I love to dance alone. I really enjoy playing the roles of the dominatrix; I am the submissive, and I take full control of my movements.

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When I go back to Europe, I am traveling solo, and so I take lessons.

When we left the Philippines and we traveled more, I fell in love with the Philippines. I wanted to go back in a year, and that’s when pole dancing entered my life.

Where have you performed to your great success?

I have performed in several venues in Japan, Korea and India. I performed abroad in Europe in 2009.

What about the Philippines? I have worked with the Filipino community a lot to promote the talent of my dancers, and to promote a better way to express one’s creativity, for my own and that of my dancers’ families.

What is your daily routine?

I stay in my flat bed in my apartment all the time, and I dance around all the time. I am a huge fan of pole dancing; as it is a very relaxing sport, full of physical exertion, flexibility and relaxation.

How do you practice? Do you need a partner?

I have a great support team that has been working with me a lot on pole dancing. My best friend, Mr. Raza, is the best. I work with him on a daily basis, and he has made my career possible. I work out, run for cardio and sit-ups. Some days, I do both.

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