Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Pole Dancing Classes Portland Me

Of course!

As part of your registration when selecting your class, please select your country of origin (from this list):

Europe/Finland (3 classes)

Australia/New Zealand (1 class)

South America/Middle East (4 classes)

Asia/Japan (3 classes)

Middle East/South or Central America (4 classes)

All classes run through our online class planner system.

Can I choose a style of class or a style of partner?

You may choose a style of partner (man or woman) for all classes. However, for the following classes, you will be taught by a male educator.

For example, if you choose to be taught by an instructor with a woman as his partner, you will learn the same basic pole dance moves as he does — but the style of that dance will be different. You will be taught by the same female teacher (or instructor) for the following classes if you choose to learn that way!

I don’t have any experience in pole dancing, so I cannot sign up for the class, can I still join the class?

No! You are still encouraged to learn pole dancing at home — no matter what you have completed!

Please visit the FAQs page of the Learn to Pole website, for general info: for tips and information related to learning pole dancing (including questions about choosing a class).

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What is a beginner class and what is a beginner class size?

A beginner class is a 2-hour class for anyone with minimal experience. Intermediate and advanced classes are smaller in time for those who want to enjoy dancing, learn new exercises and improve their technique, develop their coordination and coordination skills, and are looking for a new challenge.

What is a beginner or intermediate class size?

For most beginner classes or interval classes, you can have as many as you want.

For interval classes, you’re limited, however, to 10-15 participants per class.

Can I choose a class based on my skill level?

If you don’t know if you are capable of learning pole dancing, please visit the Learn to Pole website for tips on learning pole.

Do I have to pay to register and attend a beginner class?

Yes. Most of our beginner classes are completely free, while some classes have small prices for registration

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