Can you lose weight doing pole dancing?

Yes. When a person is working out, they do an exercise, they have to go to a health care provider, they have to make sure they’re doing their diet right. When a person’s pole dancing and doing an exercise like weight training, you can lose weight and not lose your health care provider. That is why I think that having the community in place and for the pole dancers and for the body paint group to be able to make sure that they are going into the facility, if they’re really sick, they’re there when they need them.

Do you need to be at that facility, or are you just on your own if you don’t have a body-part-based health care provider?

I wouldn’t suggest not having those health care providers. Just have someone that is trained in body painting. For them to be able to do their job, you have to be around them to be able to do your job. I wouldn’t suggest not having those health care providers—if you don’t have any body-part-related health care provider in your body-painting group. My advice would be that if you’re just starting out, then you don’t need to have your partner there to support you for that first, very critical, year.

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Are you ever worried that people will be offended by your body painting?

I think if someone is offended by your body painting or somebody thinks you need a piece of body art, that is an unfortunate consequence. I think that as individuals, we need to be able to communicate and come up with alternative opinions that go in line with the body’s natural state. I really don’t think that a person should ever see the paint, be shocked by anything they see, feel shame or ashamed at the paint, like they would with a full-body tattoo. As for people’s reaction with paint and paint and me, it has been very positive. I have a lot of people that I’ve been going to with body paint—people tell me that now that I’m a pole dancer, more people are interested in seeing me. So you have some people who are offended, that you get a lot of people that don’t want to see that, that doesn’t want to see me. For them I say that we have to be very clear that there is a body’s nature, and we have to communicate the natural position of that body from a body-painting perspective. I’ve had it happen, and it’s not fun. I