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The answer to that question is no, there is no way I could do what this team asked me to do, I just came up and did the pose because it was the thing I had to do to be comfortable.

“As for the questions people are having – they are probably all a bit premature, since I have only done pole for about a month and I have been on the floor a lot of times but my head is not into it – I am definitely enjoying it. The most part of pole is just getting the pole down, and having the attitude as well.”

When asked about her favourite pole position, O’Sullivan said her favourite position when it comes to pole girls is the one that she and her pole team, Lola, use in training for pole dancing. “When we started we weren’t just concentrating on pole. We were training for it. I think pole dance has got really good, there are really good routines and there is a very good style of dancing.

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“It is very individualised in terms of height [to pole dancers], so it is not always the same height and height ratio in pole, so it allows girls to learn to work together and see it as a single position. I like dancing in this angle because it is an easier position to dance in than a normal pole.”

One thing that remains constant for O’Sullivan is the respect she has for her pole dancers. “It is just a really great sport and it allows them to be creative and be comfortable and comfortable to move that pole as well. All my pole dancers are very polite and really kind and they want to be comfortable in their own skin, so that has been the biggest thing.”

For O’Sullivan’s second pole competition, next week, she will be hoping that her pole skills will translate to a championship.

“I have been training about ten years in this sport so we have had experience and that is nice to take into a competition,” she said. “You learn to do it and it is not exactly new to me and I really wanted to do well so I made that my goal. I am hoping I can do as well as last year.”

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