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Yes No How much time do you have to learn your pole? 2 5 5 How would you like to work at Pole Dancer Training Facility? Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Yes I agree to learn pole dancing and then take the course Do you want to do this for money and will they put you to work? Yes No I do not want to work for the facility

Which area do you live in? London County London County Scotland County Scotland Scotland County Other London Other London Other Other Other Other

If you do not live in London you can select the location.

What is your age? 18 18 18

How many hours do you normally work per week? 0 50 75 100

How many hours per week do you typically work outside of your normal working hours? 0 30 40 50

What are hobbies that you do? Dancing, sports, dancing

How do you spend your free time? At home, at the gym, on the road, away from home

What are some of the most satisfying things you have done in the past? I have done work with the Police, on the NHS, with the British Red Cross

Which past activity was considered most stimulating and rewarding, and what was most challenging/toughest? Gym Work Out Walking Running Playing, working

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The fortress-maker is one of the four major military units for an early-game fortress, or a military leader with the proper training to lead and manage other dwarves. A fortress-maker is responsible for the construction/repair of towers, and for the control of the fortress. In general, they have to be a skilled builder, so that they can manage the fortress at all levels. If a construction is not yet ready and does not need to be built in the fortress, a town-maker will be called. A town-maker also helps manage the production of food, medicine, and other such necessities. A fortress-maker must use a large stockpile of food, which may be built by a mechanic, a cart builder, or another dwarf. A dwarf with the trade workshop will be responsible for the collection of coins, and a trader will help arrange trade. For the rest of the manual, see Building a Fortress.

When a fortress is built, there must be at least one fortress-maker. He is responsible for the building of every structure in the fortress, including towers, floors

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