Does dancing build muscle?

It depends. If we are talking about muscle mass, then yes dancing builds muscle. If we are talking about muscle strength, then no. We know that dancing produces the body to feel faster and stronger so it is probably that all these things are related to muscle strength.

If not, then we should ask ourselves what would happen? What would happen if we were going for dance practice, but we didn’t want to work out or perform the music or the dance. If we were only dancing with the music so the body feels the vibrations and we do not feel our muscles or musculature? We would not have the necessary skill to make the music go as well as it should. The same with the singing, dancing, singing, dancing, dancing, and dancing. Without this skill, the vibration would not be good enough, the music and dance cannot be the same and the dance is not going to be as good as it could be. So the result of that is muscle strength.

So what would be the result of the same dancing when we were doing just that? We need the technique to be good so the body can get used to it and be used to the vibration and the sound so the body can get used to the dance and the quality of the energy and the energy that is being generated by the body and the dance can be good enough.

So what do we need to dance now? We need to get this body that is dancing to be used properly. We need to understand the basics so we can understand what is going on and be willing to make the best of it. So in this stage of dancing, the body in itself is doing it, but the awareness is being aware of the body. This is the way to go.

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