Does dancing build muscle?

Miss Pole Dance New England

As a body builder, I can tell you it does. I’m not claiming it does for everybody. But I do know that for women, especially if they have a really large belly, that they tend to build muscle if they do dance. You just don’t notice it. Women tend to be quite small – perhaps five foot tall – but their bodies usually don’t have a lot of muscle.

Do the women who dance and have large belly really gain muscle?

Well, they are eating more calories than the other women. They also have more calories in fat. So it might be just because of that that they are gaining muscle faster than other women are. It is pretty much a bell curve where the larger the belly, the bigger the muscles, and vice versa. Also, it seems that the larger the belly, the bigger the belly muscles will be, because the smaller the belly and the smaller the muscles, the muscles have less mass. So in other words, all you have to do, especially if you have a very large belly and a small body, is to eat more calories and more fat than you consume naturally – which seems to be the case.

Is there any way that you and other individuals can identify if a guy’s belly is large or small?

If you do a CT scan, you can identify the belly muscle with a CT scan. If you do a biopsy, you can identify the muscle with a biopsy. A lot of people will go for both methods; but I tend to stick to biopsies just because it seems to produce the same kind of results.

Does the belly have a direct relationship to the size of your thighs of course?

That is an interesting question. I have no idea. I don’t think the size of this belly is a direct factor. I think that people who eat a lot of high sodium, which is an example of a large stomach, tend to be quite thin. They don’t have that much muscle mass and I don’t think anything directly linked to that is going on in their body. Also, people often talk about the muscle definition of their thighs being big, and yet it seems to increase with their belly.

What are some of the other things you read about?

It seems that all the women in the world have an enormous appetite. They are consuming about 500 calories a day. It seems a lot for a five foot tall girl, especially if she’s really small. So eating a lot