Does pole dancing make you fit? – Famous Pole Dancers

Why is it such a craze? Why don’t more women do it? How do you make it look more like a physical act than a choreography? What do you tell a young woman to do to make being a pole dancer appealing to her? And how do you encourage a woman to be a pole dancer to be successful?

This interview was done in association with P&Q, an organisation dedicated to promoting the benefits of all kinds of dance in the United Kingdom.

Here are some of the questions and answers:

1. What kind of dancing do you prefer?

A: Pole dancing, with my feet on the floor, is my passion. I can dance for hours before I feel up to trying something new. I could dance from a standing start to a full pirouette, from a standing start to a full pirouette, and I could do it all three in the same evening.

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Dancing is a physical, physical activity. You’ve got to be able to move your body. If my foot touches the ground it makes my body do something.

2. Why are women so attracted to pole dancing?

Women love pole dancing because it makes them feel better than they would otherwise. It brings them joy. It changes them. It’s a physical experience. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of empowerment.

My friend, who’s a pole dancer, says, ‘Pole dancing brings you closer to your friends.’ It’s the physical experience that is so much more than talking to someone.

3. Why do men prefer it?

If I was a man I’d enjoy it, too. I love the physical element and it’s something people find appealing. If my foot touches the floor I know what I have to do, which is to just keep moving.

4. How have you been able to attract so many women into it?

Women love what pole dancing has to offer. It brings out everything about you that your dance is not good enough for. All of the emotions are present. It’s fun. It’s a physical experience.

There’s a huge culture of femininity and strength in the American culture. So you want to find things women like in a male-dominated culture because you’re going to find something in a male-dominated culture. If you want all the strength and all the strength skills you need to get the woman to buy into it you can’t do it

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