Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dance Near Me

Or does it make you fat? Find out!

A few weeks ago, in the heat of the dance season, I posted a video on my YouTube channel showing a dancer in New York City in an outfit with the same number of buttons down for the bottom half, and the top half with buttons down for the bottom of the top leg. As a result of the video, we saw a lot of attention on this blog since I don’t usually post many, as much as I like to. While I am proud of my dancing skills and my work on “A Girl’s Best Friend,” I also want to address the question on many people’s minds, “Are you fat?”

It’s often asked, or at least asked in a few places. For instance, in the New York Times (June 27th, 2010), this article goes on to suggest that some fat dancers have been judged for not being “fit.”

I wanted to set record straight.

I’ve been dancing for about two years now. I started with high school and became interested in dancing at 12 years old. I started on weekends with my mom as an “under age” dancer, and then became an “under age” full time dancer about four years later. I do not consider myself fit. Yes, I do some dancing in high school, but since I am not a girl I feel as if I am the odd man out of a dance group.

I think if you ask more than one person I think this will be addressed. I’m not the first person’s who feel this, and it’s certainly the topic of conversation at the moment. I would love if someone would approach me directly and ask if I’m fat. I don’t mean to offend or make anyone uncomfortable, I just don’t have the time or knowledge to do that and won’t go anywhere near it. As long as you’re not using it as a self-defense mechanism, I think you have to consider it.

Some people will say, “Oh, he’s just dancing to get comfortable in his skin!” But this is not the right answer. The reason I do not consider myself fit is that I am not an “out” dancer. There is no “treat me like a human being” aspect to our dancing. What I do is dancing to connect with people. I don’t try to find a way to look good or wear sexy clothes, there aren’t any tricks or special moves being taught for these dances.

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