Does the pole spin or the dancer?

And what happens to the dancing if there is no pole?

Dynamo, one of the first new urban music and dance festivals in Canada, was one of three winners of the Canada’s Dance Awards for Best of the Best. (CBC)

Dybala is an electrical engineer from Calgary. She says she was inspired to become a musician through her work with local high schools. That led her to pursue a dance degree.

When she finished school, she decided to pursue “a music career because I’ve always loved learning to dance,” Dybala says. “It was one of the things that really clicked for me.”

She went to the dance school in Calgary and found out, even for a dance degree, music has to be developed, developed, developed — it needs to be polished to something that’s worthy of the public’s attention.

Now Dybala is pursuing the same music career. In the last few years, she has done solo projects and partnered with a dance troupe to do full orchestra dances.

Dynamo took home several major awards at the Canada’s Dance Awards ceremony at St. George’s Hall in Toronto.

“It was kind of like coming home,” she says. “I came to Canada, I fell in love with it immediately. I always said, I want to live here forever. … This is home to me.”

“Dancing With The Stars” star Dancer Mandy Gretsch and her partner, Jennifer Schmitt attend a performance of her music at the Canada’s Dance Awards. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

For Dybala, the Canadian dance community has been a huge part of making her decision on Canada’s dance culture possible.

“It’s such a huge influence that I felt like we could always do this and do it better,” she says.

“A lot of people are going to be so excited about coming here and seeing all the new places and the amazing people that are coming out there and wanting to come.”

“Dancing With The Stars” cast member Robyn Doolittle will be in Edmonton for the Canada’s Dance Awards. (CBC)

Dybala says she wants to start a dance school in the Edmonton area, where she is now based. She believes “fantastical” stories should be made in Canada.

“I want to see the story, the magic, of life unfold in this culture from this