How can I practice pole dancing without a pole?

What if I fall?”

Why was pole dancing, and especially pole dancing by women, so taboo? A long list of reasons explains that, while “pole dancing is not a form of violence,” there are elements of “rape, violence against women, sexual assault and degrading treatment by non-poles.”

And in case you’re wondering, at least in the U.S. pole dancing may be illegal, but in most other corners of the world it’s perfectly legal. There’s no mention of that, however, in the above video, although the clip in question appears to portray a woman pole dancing.

Here's the deal with those robot pole dancers at CES 2018 | ZDNet
Watch below, via YouTube (WARNING: Video includes violence):

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[image via screengrab]

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“How dare you use the name of the Lord, for it is forbidden.” Psalm 23:6

I have been thinking of these quotes and others over the weekend, and I’m feeling as if I really ought to take a few minutes out of Saturday/Sunday at church, and give some reflection on the words I often hear in church and in the pews.

I don’t know if those quotes are written by the apostle Paul, or were spoken by Paul; I do know that they are so very old, and so true, that I think it is very important for us today to look to how they may be applying today—in the way we are serving our neighbor.

Paul was not trying to speak for the church leaders of the day or for anyone in particular and be their spokesperson. He was speaking as a layman, not for a church leader nor a church leader’s spokesperson. However, these quotes are just as relevant today as they were then. And, in some sense, they are still relevant even today. Paul’s words are still relevant and they stand as true advice today—in our church, for example.

Now I don’t know if you realize this, but there are no “true believers” in church. We are all sinners. We are all fallen angels. However, even Christ is a true believer, the true son of God. All of us have fallen. Even the “true believers” in the Old Testament were sinners—just like us. Only Christ is a true believer. Christ is a full-fledged, whole person—