How can I practice pole dancing without a pole?

Where can I buy books, DVDs or DVDs? Will I be allowed to wear my wig?

You can practice without a pole at a pole dancing event, club or festival. If you are in a band or a dance troupe, you may also wear your wig and your own pole. To see where pole dancing events are held, you can find a list here. To find local dance clubs please click the ‘Dance Clubs’ tab. If you are not attending a pole dancing event, you may also want to consider buying a DVD to practice on as an alternative to practicing alone. If you need a pole you can find a number of pole dancing events throughout the UK. Pole dancing events: Please click here if you plan to attend a pole dancing event in the near future.

We’re sorry to learn of the passing of one of Philadelphia’s most beloved and prolific authors.

Charles B. L. Smith was one of our city’s most prolific writers, who spent his time writing fiction, poetry and poetry collections, both classic and contemporary, that were collected and published in several hardcover editions and a vast array of paperback editions.

The author also wrote two other memoirs and a play that are being produced by the Penn Press.

Charles died Tuesday, June 21, at his home at 817 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, by his family’s request. Details are not yet available.

The elder Smith is survived by his wife, Barbara K., two children and two grandchildren. The family will hold a celebration of his life Saturday, June 26, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the Larkin Park Visitor’s Center in West Philadelphia. The celebration will include several events, including a children’s workshop, a story-telling performance and a discussion and Q&A with Charles and his wife, a free music performance and an award presentation.

Charles B. L. Smith, born March 14, 1924, is survived by his two daughters, Donna G. (Jackie) Smith from her marriage to Charles B. L. Smith, and Linda L. (Bob) Smith from their marriage to Charles and Barbara K. Smith in 1967. His grandson, Ryan B. Smith; son, John P. Smith; and daughter, Marcello B. Smith, were also named as well. A memorial service will be held Monday at the Larkin Park Visitor’s Center at 9:15 a.m.

Services for Charles B. L