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The answer is a flexible backside. The hips flex forward and the backside flexes backward to give pole dancers good backside flexibility. If not stretched very high, it is too loose and you will tend to turn back. It is important not to extend the spine too much in order to avoid twisting and curling as this puts extreme pressure on the tendons and can cause tendonitis or nerve damage. Some pole dancers may stretch only slightly and that can help.

Are pole dancers good for weight loss? Well, the short answer is YES, but not for everyone.

Weight loss can take place for everyone, but weight loss for pole dancers can be tricky due to the nature of pole dance, which is so physical. If pole dancing is not your cup of tea, you may find the following items helpful:

Wearing a belt or wearing a thick bra, if you can afford the higher costs, will help a bit.

Having a trainer, which is not required, though is good if you are just starting out when starting to get used to your dance, and would also be a good investment for anyone who wants to dance on and off the poles.

Be careful about alcohol. Alcohol slows the recovery process, as there are no stomach muscles in pole.

Warm socks with wool/leather shoes, to help keep the knees comfortable.

Cotton socks, if you can afford it.

The easiest thing when eating may not be to stop eating, but to not eat until you are full all over, and if not getting full, that will put pressure on the stomach which could cause constipation which, along with not eating enough, can lead to anemia.

What is the worst diet for pole dancing? While the weight gain can be very daunting, the best diet to help out a pole dancer is: A calorie-counting app

A recipe book

A healthy meal plan

Daily exercise

Lots of vegetables and fresh produce.

Do a ton of exercise with a pole, like pole dancing.

Have good nutrition, but if you are eating well, it will help reduce calories taken.

The best diet to help any pole dancing diet is not to lose weight at all.

If you have a very healthy diet, pole dancing will help to maintain healthy health and will not make you fat.

Some people have problems digesting fat, but pole dancing will help your body to absorb the calories correctly

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