How do pole dancers get flexible? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Groupon Coupon

They stretch! Not much that can’t be done on one’s own but the best stretch exercise is in full body stretching: bending the knees, shoulders and hips. When doing it properly, both the thigh and trunk will be stretched.

So which pole dances do I do? (It depends! I have many different partners and I have only ever done “pole dancing ballet.”)

Well, as you know, I hate to even discuss this, but I do have to say at least that I have never danced with pole dancing ballet. I have never understood why those two dances would make sense.

This is a matter of personal taste and not really a pole dance question. I guess if you can learn it on your own, then go for it!

OK, that’s my rant, but what do you think of my tips and my dancing style? Leave a comment!

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In addition to Nebraska and Kansas, more than a dozen states have a proposal pending to place “In GOD We Trust”

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