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A: There is two ways to do the pole dance. I prefer to place myself at the center of the pole, but when I am finished I just put my hands down under my breasts and do a half-turn with the arms, and then come up for more. I then move back to the center and repeat. It all depends on which way is most comfortable for me. (Source)

Q: Do you have any favorite places to do the pole dance?

A: My favorite spots are at Lottoland, Lottoland Westwood, and Lottolin, in Los Angeles. (Source)

Q. How can children learn pole dance?

A: My three favorite children to learn pole dance are: One-year old kids: One of my youngest girls at 4 years old; my oldest little boy at 7 years old; and my son at 10 years old. (Source)

Q: What are the benefits of learning pole dance?

A: People love to see different kinds of people dancing; that’s one of the biggest benefits. (Source)

Q: How do you get pole dancers to dance with you?

A: I call them “The Pole Dancers,” because they seem to want to do what I tell them to do, even if I tell them that it isn’t very easy to do that. It takes time to get good; they also have to have a strong belief in what they are doing. They work hard, and they give it their all. If that means getting them some bruises, just get them back on the ground. (Source)

Q: Why do you wear a shirt?

A: To keep heat off. If I want them to wear a T-shirt, I have to wear that. The shirt is also a way to show off to them, it shows that they can take care of themselves if I show that and give them a good workout. (Source)

Q. Why do you wear a belt?

A: It is a little different than normal belts. It is a belt that goes from the bottom of my belt to my hips, like a belt with suspenders. (Source)

Q: Does a t-shirt work best for pole dancing?

A: Yes, but it also has to stay off your hips. (Source)

Q: You can get pole dancing injuries?
Beginners Pole Dance Routine - YouTube

A: There is a great potential

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