How do you do the pole dance? – Pole Dancing Gif

You pull out your phone, the pole dance begins, the pole dances begin and then you have to start it all over? That’s all you have to do? Well then you want to take the show with you, so you don’t feel like you can’t do anything?

You want to have great choreography and great movement? You need a friend like me to help you make it happen?

You want to sing and dance with your friends? We can make it happen for you.

I have taught pole dancing lessons for over 8 years, and this is the first lesson I’m teaching with my personal dance partner, Jessica!

We’ve been practicing together for about two weeks now at our home in Miami, FL. She works in a local entertainment company and brings her special flair to pole dancing classes at the local library.

As my life has changed, so too has our dancing. It feels like my life has been full of surprises, but now I have a second purpose to my existence.

It felt so good to be able to walk down the aisle with my husband and father.

Not having to ask anyone to help teach me all the details and details I have been trying to learn ever since I came across pole dancing.

It felt SO GREAT – my mind, body and soul were completely focused on my dance. A part of me just wanted to dance forever and ever! And the other part of me didn’t care – it was the perfect reason to sing to my husband with my fingers in the air!!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey with Jessica. If you can make it, I want you to go to one of our classes.

Thanks so much for going on this journey with me,

Jessica and I will love making you smile forever!


This is the first of my blog posts for the month of December. For today, I will be going over my recent visit to the K-12 school in the city of Boston. The name of the school, Westside English Language Arts Academy, means “English in school” – this is the name of the school in my opinion.

I want to tell you about why I decided to go to the school. I read an article on the school website that said they have a special facility for homeless children. I asked what the facilities that were described on the website were. I was surprised to hear that they were called the “Home for the Homeless”.

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