How do you prepare for pole dancing?

How do you keep yourself healthy? How many routines do you perform per day for a year? Is there an upper limit, or is pole a “one step ahead” sport? Can you really perform all 8 routines? And do you want to know how many routines are in a season?

What kind of feedback can you offer me? What would you like to see me do next?

There is something about pole dancing that allows you to perform and understand every move of pole, even from the very first time you perform it; and that’s why it’s such a challenge for me. The biggest change from pole to the dancefloor is learning to focus better and perform. I have done almost 9 months (in the beginning). Not only that, but I have really gotten better. The main challenge that I still have to overcome is that if I don’t manage to perform consistently the performance is not great. But if I don’t have a good day…no one cares. If I only do this one routine, then I still improve and get ready for the next one, which is next. I don’t want to lose these moments of joy…this is what pole dancing is all about.

This year I would be performing all 8 routines (with some variations) every week of every week. This way my routine would consist of 4 to 6 routines that take about 5 to 10 minutes each, which will require me to concentrate for about 4 minutes (in the end I’m dancing to 8 songs – 5 minutes each)

Here are the steps that I’ve took so far (note that I’m only a few months into the whole routine thing):

1. I am always practicing. It is a little hard to focus on one thing at a time, but we have to put off thinking about our fitness for at least a year…even after I’ve gotten strong enough. I use this time to make changes. In order to stay on schedule I make sure that it stays in my mind during all the workouts and at the competitions. But this doesn’t mean that I skip anything or that the routine is useless for me. It is simply about being in a better mental state. I only try to keep myself as productive as possible during this time, as the longer I’m in the gym the more time I have to focus.

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2. I only go to the gym when I have to and for 5 days in a year.

3. I do my own workout at the gym with my friend