How long does it take to learn to pole dance?

Learning pole is more than an hour of work in a pole dance competition. There is a long process to learn to read and write the dance and how to dance within it. There are several teachers to speak with and a host of classes at all levels; from beginner to advanced – and some are also available in an online format.

What is the best place to learn to pole dance?

There are many different classes and locations to choose from. From my experience, I’ve learned most of my pole dancing from the pole dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re outside the Bay Area and want to have a go, just visit the pole dance class site and click Search Class.

Can I start pole dancing at my local school or from a local dance company?

You must be registered and registered at least a week in advance to take part in any pole dance class at any school or dance company. It is illegal to start pole dancing from a dancing club or other unapproved venue. It’s also a good idea, unless a student is already registered and registered in advance at a dance club, to attend classes at the school they will be taking pole at.

As with anything new, the more you learn, the better you will become.

What do I expect from a pole dance class?

You should feel comfortable and comfortable in the room you are in. When you are sitting down you have the full floor to stretch out and take in the music. It doesn’t matter what pole you are using (dance poles, floor mats, mats on the floor…whatever) – if you are comfortable dancing, you should feel comfortable in the pole dancing class you are attending.

What if I don’t get into pole dancing?

First, don’t give up! The pole dance community and our instructors are committed to helping students become better dancers and more confident with their dance and movement. The classes, once you have been registered for a few weeks, will help you find what level you are at.

There are many benefits after you get your feet on the ground. Many of our students find we were very helpful throughout our training. It can be frustrating when you need to be on the move, can’t get started and then have an instructor say things like “we know how you feel” that can be quite hurtful.

Our class instructors are all experienced and have been in the pole dance community for many years. We teach from the ground up