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A woman is the only thing standing out in a sea of black and white. What follows is a mind-bending look at life in a modern-day hell, as people do all types of horrible and awful things to one another every morning.

1. Women are supposed to be the sexiest thing around.

When the show first premiered, it looked like it was going to be about a man and his wife, but things kept changing, and eventually the show became something about a couple trying not to kill one another but also do everything in their power to save their marriage. It didn’t take long for the show to stray away from just describing the male gaze towards women, and it was a while until they got to an actual relationship on the show. But it’s worth the wait, because the show was so damn brilliant at presenting characters who are the opposite of everyone you might think the opposite of.

2. There are no good black people.

There are plenty of white people on this show. A lot. There are also plenty of people who hate their race, and those people get to do everything they can to get their white people killed as well as all the other horrible things that people who hate themselves think they should be able to do. Even though so many white people are murdered, raped, and abused, we have white allies like our heroes, which makes it even worse that we do everything that white people want us to do to try and save them. The show even has its fair share of people fighting against it, but ultimately everything the show has to say about white people is exactly

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