How much do pole dancers make?


Private Pole Dance Lessons - Is This the Right Option for You?
“It’s a big, big industry in the USA.” (source)

“That’s the first time in ages I’ve been in a pole store.” (source)

“Just to be the first to put it on [my resume] is so cool, but it means I don’t have the experience to tell you about pole dancing. But I don’t mind.” (source)

“If you’re interested in selling an item online, do some internet research about whether a company will allow you to post an advertisement. Ask a lot of questions. Sometimes they’ll say no, but sometimes they’ll say, yeah, it’s OK.” (source)

“You should not buy an item if you are not certain that the seller has the proper knowledge of the product they claim to sell.” (source)

“If you’re unsure about a product that you buy online, ask the seller to email you. This will tell you how likely it is they would try to mislead you.” (source)

“The only exception to the above rule is if you’re shopping for your child’s first swing dancing class. The chances that you’ll get a sale in the stores are incredibly slim — unless your child is a really high-performing swing dancer, or your child can show that you’ve done your research. As much as I appreciate that I have to be careful who I buy clothes for my kids… but please keep in mind that all this means is that you might have to pay more, or pay less, once shopping!” (source)

“Some swing dancers think that because there are so many swing dancers in Los Angeles County (the biggest city in the United States with over one million people) that they are the best and most experienced ones. This is the opposite of the truth. The best swing dance moves are made by amateurs, and most of the world’s swing dancing moves are made by amateurs. But if you live or reside in L.A., you are in the good parts of the swing industry.” (source)

“You should never purchase anything in the middle of the night. This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made! ” (source)

“If you think there are certain items that will be in an online store, go back to the store and ask about them! The people you buy from online only know the ‘how to sell’ part for sure.” (source)

“It’s much