How much does a dance pole cost? – Miss Pole Dance

The average cost at New York City Dance Center is $300. More expensive places have longer poles and are bigger, with cost ranging from $1,300-$2,000. If you’re an avid dancer, you can usually find a pole that’s more or less in the same price range, if you can even get it on the show floor.

Here’s how to find the best dancing pole for your budget.

1. Find the Pole You Want

One of the first things you should look at when looking at a pole is the color and feel. What materials is it made of? It will reflect your price point and your preference. Look for the most expensive material you can find. Most pole prices can vary greatly by just a few dollars, so look at it closely.

2. Find the Pole Itself

Look for the pole itself. It’s usually in an easy to access and aesthetically pleasing location to make it easy on the eye. Most pole makers like to take their pole designs and expand them, so for example, they’d often expand the pole’s area to make it more comfortable.

3. Check the Price

Ask your dance instructor. Most clubs will charge an average of $300-$400 for a pole for beginners. If you’re a very busy dancer, you might find a pole that’s cheaper than your instructor would pay, but for that one-week-only dance class, it’ll most likely cost you much less.

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4. Get to know it

Check out the pole’s materials, and make sure it looks like you want it. Are you concerned about the pole’s structural integrity? Some performers use a PVC to add weight and stability to their pole. Others prefer a metal structure for added strength. The more comfortable your dancer and the pole are, the more they’ll be paying per pole performance.

5. Get a Clothesline

One of the best ways to spend $300 is to make your own clothesline. A clothesline in the style of a rope or string will work for almost any dance venue, so you can hang it anywhere you can carry it.

6. Find a Pole Operator

Do you like to stand on a pole and perform? Perhaps you’re a pole artist and have your own stage show. Then you might be the right person for a pole business partnership. There are dancers who sell their pole designs for $300 an hour just for sharing the performance experience and helping

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