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Leg Variations Tutorial : Beginner Pole Dance Lesson - YouTube is now a member of the World Wide Web and will be making every step a dance pole, no matter how old the dance pole.

What is a dance pole?

A dance pole is a high-tempo dance pole in which there is very little space between the ground, the pole, and the performers. The pole is also called a “shingle and pulley” dance pole because the pole is made from two very strong pieces of wood. Many pole dancers still believe that the poles are a combination of a stick and a pole, but a pole is only a swing and no actual stick is required.

When you dance at your own home, be sure you have the appropriate pole to follow along with. Learn about pole dance, our dance styles, and some basic pole basics.

If you have any questions about a pole dance or dance pole, our pole dancers are available to answer all your questions. For more information, contact us or use the contact form at the top right end of this page.

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