How much weight can a dance pole hold?

The average weight is 1,000 kilos a metre. One metre long, the smallest diameter, is around 100 cm in diameter. A dancing pole is a bit like a basketball court. Each unit is about 30 cm in diameter, so on average the diameter is around 1 metre before it is cut in half. There are a lot of dancing poles and the more ones, the more weight on them… The first thing to realise is that there are a lot of dancing poles. The larger the dancing pole, the bigger it really is. As you can imagine, if you have two, three or four dancing poles, the total weight of the whole thing will be a lot more. There will be a lot more dancing poles in a small space. We know that the first poles had been built around 9,000 BC, before the Sumerians. The Sumerians had been trading with the Aztecs since 10,000 BC, so the Sumerians already had an extensive knowledge of the Aztecs and their art. Sumerian dance, as we often know it, is quite old, not very different from what we get from the pre-Aryan Mesopotamians. The dance had already evolved and started to move, at least for the dance masters, around 1,500 BC. There are many references to dancing in Sumerian and it is also related to some of the other Mesopotamian languages as well. The Sumerians had developed an art of dancing and there is evidence in the Sumerian texts to show it was already around 1,500 BC. But the dance was not very elaborate, just simple movements. Many of the dances were performed in the street or in the streets, at parties, in weddings or when dealing in trade with the Aztecs. The Sumerians did not have the art of elaborate performance, they were much more simple in their lives. So the dance poles would still remain in great numbers for thousands of years. How much weight can a person lift? The weights are the same. As long as you have the dance pole, with the same size and diameter, it can lift one kilobyte (one kilogram – 1.048kg). So the weight of a dancing pole will always be in the range between 1,000 to 1,200 kg a metre long, though the diameter will be around 1 metre before it is cut in half. The difference between a person and a dancing pole is that a person can lift a lot more weight and a