How often should you practice pole dancing? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

There’s always a debate about how often to move your legs. Some teachers recommend that you only do it when you’re absolutely exhausted and have no energy to move; others say that the more you move your legs, the better. The same goes for how many times you should dance, too. Some pole dancers say they only dance once every two days; others say it’s as much as a day every time. One pole dancer I’ve known for years doesn’t even consider getting her legs moving for the first two years of her career, because, hey, she’s only doing one thing a week!

How do you know if you’re good at pole dancing? Do you hear people talking about your abilities sometimes? Maybe you get invited to competitions, maybe you even get noticed for your dancing.

Does pole dancing fit you well? If you’re athletic, can you run? (You can even do laps.) If you’re skinny and your legs are short, can you do splits? Does it get you off, do you get a kick out of it? Are you happy to be doing pole dancing?

Do you take pleasure from being in the spotlight? Does pole dancing make you feel powerful? Does it make you feel good?

In my opinion, Pole Dance is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. As a kid, I felt that when I was dancing I was so busy that there was little time left to enjoy myself. That is changing now that I’m in my thirties.

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