How often should you practice pole dancing? – Indy Pole Dance & Fitness West

If you are just starting out or have never taught pole dancing before it’s important to practice to make sure everything looks perfect and it feels comfortable and your partner is happy.

This is one thing that is always great to learn. I’ve met people that have never practiced or are even new to pole dancing and I just told their instructor “if you haven’t taught, I don’t necessarily want another dancer to come in to teach you again.”

So once they have learned a technique or have trained in another style I would say it’s OK to practice as often as you’d like for just a couple of weeks but I would not keep anyone in the routine that’s not comfortable to dance to.

Do you think pole dancing is difficult?

Not at all. We just teach a little pole dance and then move on to another. A lot of the pole dancers I’ve met have never seen any choreography or choreography lessons before I teach them so they are just learning and learning and learning.

We are actually teaching something new which means it’s very difficult for them to learn but also something completely new which just has never been tried before and you have to work through it.

Do you feel that teaching is difficult?

It can be difficult, I’ll tell you the truth. At first it is difficult to teach because you want to get people dancing with you and you also want to get their attention and you want to get their friends dancing with you but it doesn’t matter who knows the technique if nobody can learn it.

I think it’s hard to have that kind of an audience. I’ve had friends give up on learning because they felt they didn’t have the talent to be able to teach, or they were afraid they wouldn’t have the experience with it to understand it.

They think pole dancing is a lot of hard work but in reality the hard work is just getting the people in the position of needing to know the new dance.

Do you think pole dancing is a sport or just a way to get people to dance?

It can be either, I don’t think it is a sport, especially if you want to look after the dancers.

You have to understand that it’s not a sport, it goes far beyond just your dancing.

If you have a professional dancing school in your area, make sure they’re able to train the dancers to look after them properly and to give them proper feedback and also give proper lessons.

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