Is it easy to learn pole dancing?

A pole dance teacher teaches you how to move your leg, hips and body around the pole. I teach you how to go and stand, how to sit in a chair, how to bend your back and put your arms behind your back.

Do I need a partner?

No, you don’t need to have a partner while learning a pole dancing skill.

What is the difference between a pole and a pendulum?

Most pole dance educators agree it’s better to be able to balance yourself on the pole rather than just sit and reach. That said, a pole is a pole and we don’t want you to think it’s an alternative to sitting on a lap while practicing.
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What is pole dancing and how does it compare to standing, balancing or balancing on your side?

Positive: You can go and use your arms to balance with; no other skills needed.

Injury free: You can balance on your sides to sit while you practice; if you feel unbalanced, you just move yourself around the pole, there’s no injury or pain involved.

Disadvantage: You need to be able to balance on the pole to use your other assets. This does NOT mean you’ll always be balance.

You have to be able to balance on the pole to use your other assets. This does NOT mean you’ll always be balance. Negative: You spend more time on the ground moving and may not be as fit as you would have been otherwise.

Do I have to be strong?

If you do want to be able to climb up a pole without the assistance of a partner, then you must be able to balance on an uneven surface with a heavy weight on your legs so that you can get up the pole. You cannot jump up a pole.

What is this really all about?

The goal of pole dancing is to move yourself and your body to give you strength and balance on any surface. Pole dancing isn’t really about getting you or your partner to “get it”. Pole dancing is about being able to get your balance on a surface and learn how to balance and move correctly.

I don’t have anyone to teach how to do I want to do?

A good teacher needs to be able to teach you in a way that you are more likely to be able and confident doing the skill you want. We cannot be always teaching you what you want to do. We can teach you what is required