Is lap dancing legal?

On November 8, 2013, this question will be the subject of a news conference in downtown Atlanta. “If a judge in Atlanta rules that lap dancing is legal and it’s OK for a woman to go and dance and she doesn’t stop in between songs, all the men will stop,” says one man.

What is going on about a woman’s dance?

A lot of media attention focused on this past weekend. But not everyone understands what the problem is.

“When I started a new dance move this spring, I knew it would get the attention of a lot of people and I could expect people to stop me in the street and ask questions. But I am not alone,” says an African-American woman. “I was approached by a man last week who was sitting down. I think maybe his friend had given him the dance move and he was sitting in the seat. He had told me in no uncertain terms they are fine with a woman dancing and the woman not sitting at the back but on the side. So I said, well I can dance.”

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“But I know the man is a man. He has been sitting in a seat for a while,” laughs a woman. “There are so many situations where we might not know. When people think one thing about me and another thing about a dancer or a performer, it has to be important for a dancer to be understood across that divide. Sometimes it is not important.”

“My dance is about a celebration of my female body, with the goal of bringing some light,” says another dance leader with a Southern accent. “It is so much more than a lap dance. It is not for every woman.”

“All the women are different,” says another dancer. “I am a white girl who loves to do everything she can.”

What do you need to get a law fix?

“I think it’s important to have the best laws. I think it is important to take a stance to change the law and have the best laws. But I’m not sure people realize,” says another dancer. “I’m a part of the law. This is my community. I do it professionally, too. It doesn’t matter. At one time, the law had an official. I know people say, ‘Look what he’s done to you.’ But I am still a dance leader. I am a real person, who dances while being in a seat. I am not a professional.”