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A sport is a group of individuals playing a game such as sports. It’s possible to take a more broad definition such as that of the sport of pole dancing, where all participating dancers should be called to define the sport of pole dancing.

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Image copyright Other Image caption A woman with three children walks through the woods around Lake Noyes

A man who shot and killed a woman over her missing child has appeared in a Belfast court.

Shane Nolan, 24, was in court as a witness for the defence in the trial of Shona Nolan, who was found dead in the wooded area on Lake Noyes on 21 September.

The teenager was reported missing to police the following morning.

On Thursday, the defence called for someone to be brought in to interview Mrs Nolan but Mr Justice Sweeney ruled she “had no chance of persuading the jury”.

On Thursday afternoon, Mr Nolan appeared in court and admitted shooting Mrs Nolan, but said: “I did shoot.”

Image copyright Other Image caption Shane Nolan was also charged with assaulting and seriously wounding a woman aged 22 who gave him a lift home

The woman, named in court only as Mary, was a friend of Mrs Nolan and had been returning to their home on Noyes Road, the court heard.

Mrs Nolan’s sister told the BBC’s Newsnight that her sister had been the victim of “fear and intimidation” by the gunman, who was “a serial abuser.”

The woman, who is a solicitor, said she feared for her life after the attack and was unsure who the gunman was.

It follows controversy surrounding the case involving two other women whom Shane Nolan had shot. In April, he was cleared by court of shooting a woman, and in December he was found guilty of wounding a 20-year-old woman who gave him a lift home from work in the same area.

The woman shot three bullets into Mrs Nolan, who was taken to hospital with a severe eye injury, but died a few days later.

On Thursday evening Shane Nolan appeared for the first time as a witness in a court on the south side of Belfast.

Police are still investigating why Mrs Nolan’s body was found on 22 September but it emerged on Wednesday that her boyfriend of three years,

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