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You may be surprised to find out that pole dancing is actually very safe for you, at least from the perspective of the police and the National Health Services.

It is thought to have been invented for health reasons – a way of moving from one position to another that prevents serious injuries like falls.

This year, the UK has seen a spike in the number of deaths from injuries that were caused by people falling off poles and other hazards in the UK, with at least five fatal accidents in the past two years.

Experts believe that while it may be tempting to want to learn, there has always been some kind of ‘novelty’ element to pole dancing which makes it dangerous.

Although there is now more and more health advice given about pole dancing and health risks, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as the perfect pole dance.

While it’s possible to be as safe as possible with no harm being done, it is also perfectly acceptable to be dangerous. This is why the following basic tips should always be followed – and these can be applied on-pole or off.

When on the pole

One way to be most safe on the pole is to only go with people you know and who are comfortable with you being in the position.

Pole dancing places two people on the same pole at the same time. If one is on edge in a precarious position it is far safer for both to be together rather than with each person on their own.

One of the safest ways for two people to be together is that one sits across the floor and the other sits on the ground, with the one next to you as far away as possible.

If one person is uncomfortable with any other arrangement, a chair or stool is a safer option.

Don’t be shy

It may seem like pole dancing is dangerous now but if you’re not scared or nervous about your partner being in the exact situation on the pole that you are, then pole dancing will be safe for you.

It is absolutely essential to be the most comfortable with your situation, as the safety of both you and your partner is greatly improved if you are very confident in the position and if you think you’ll move at the right time.

When walking

You can only be in a very narrow space with the edge of a pole on your legs. With a pole, you only have that much room on either side, which means it is very difficult

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