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We should firstly start by acknowledging that the difference between strip club performances and pole dancing is a big one. Both activities involve nudity.

But whereas strip clubs employ strippers who perform in scantily-clad outfits to generate publicity and to generate revenue, pole dance events are usually held more for the social experience than for money-making.

It’s true that a number of men who dance to pole-dancing on a regular basis have been known to show themselves in some of the costumes they wear at strip clubs: a man in a burkini or burqa, for instance has certainly worn a burkini to some of the events we have attended.

There’s, however, an important distinction between male stripping and male pole dancing, just as there is between male stripping and male stripping and male pole dancing – which does not necessarily make it any less serious.

For instance, stripping to a man for entertainment is just one side of this business, but one of the most respected sides. It’s the kind of thing that we consider worthy of celebration.

Our understanding of male strippers as gentlemen of leisure has grown significantly in recent years.

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Stripping is, and always will be, a sexual activity, and we don’t expect strippers or pole dancers to be any less of gentlemen who engage in it.

This is even truer in America than elsewhere, especially in California, where there are now more male stripping venues than there are female stripping venues.

As with anyone who engages in sexually-explicit acts, if the act itself is considered a form of performance art and therefore not obscene, you must comply with the law of the state in which you are performing.

What’s the difference between pole dancing and stripping?

Stripping, or stripping to the floor, involves taking off or removing clothing on to a pole while the performer performs tricks, acrobatic moves and acrobatic tricks, in addition to a number of other skills. Strippers often perform this type of action whilst wearing underwear, but occasionally they perform it in some form of clothing that covers the whole of the figure.

By nature of the act, stripping to nakedness is often sexual in nature.

But male stripping and male stripping and pole dancing have very different characteristics, just as stripping to bare skin is different from stripping to a body suit.

Whereas stripping or stripping to bare skin (which is what pole dancing was previously known as) can

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