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Or does it make no sense at all? Let me break down some ways in which stripping really pays off in the long run for an individual.
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The cost-effectiveness of stripping varies enormously. Here’s a few examples:

One woman had her nipples surgically removed before the end of the day (and the nipples were subsequently restored). As reported in an article in The Washington Post, she was able to spend the following days on the road.

Another woman could go topless on public transportation, where any public nudity would offend most people. At least the money saved could make a difference if the woman had to spend some time shopping or doing housework.

The cost of a nude selfie could be huge. At least it paid for her ticket to a free vacation.

Some researchers at the University of Minnesota looked at the cost-effectiveness of stripping. Their conclusion was surprising: it’s possible to save money from nude exposure (even if you don’t actually experience a financial benefit, it’s possible to “save” money by not exposing your naked body to others).

In the past, I’d probably be hard pressed to recommend stripping. After all, if it made no noticeable difference to anybody, I’d be opposed to it. After all, it’s not like you could spend all day watching TV all day and not benefit from the increased leisure time we all get from not wearing clothes.

It’s not like that’s the case at all. The evidence we have shows that people who are able to make a little extra income by stripping do much better at their jobs, on average, than the rest of us. These are just a few examples.

So, if you’re going to strip, why stop at just one piece of clothing? If you’re going to go for it, why not go nude for all your naked body parts?

Practical Nudity for Health

The evidence shows that taking a little more care to cover your naked appearance in order to protect your health is worth it.

An interesting study recently released in the journal Health Services Research concluded that not only would stripping significantly help people’s health, but it might even lower their risk for an early death.

The study found that not only did stripping protect against diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other chronic conditions, it also lowered the rates of death from chronic illnesses.

The authors explain:

“We have shown that the prevalence of

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