Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dancer Song

It depends on how long the pole is. The length is dependent on where it is placed on the pole. For pole dancing it is a maximum of 4’8″. On average, a full pole takes about 30 seconds to complete.

What if you have a group of people to dance? How about a larger crowd who is going as a group as well?

A group is more enjoyable to work with and the larger number of people will help you to coordinate your moves. Also your dancing and group will be able to do things that are not possible with a single person. If you are in a large building or stadium with thousands of people it can get messy.

What techniques do I need to learn to dance pole? Is it all from TV?

Yes the TV series Dance Moms teaches you the basics. Most pole dancing instructors use clips of some of the TV shows. If you can’t do the TV series then get a good DVD or VHS to practice on. When you have a good video and practice, you will learn most of these techniques. Once you have done at least 2 hours of dance you need to get comfortable with the technique. If you have had experience at least a semester at a school, even better. You will need an instructor’s license to hold a personal license, and even that will not give you the full advantage due to time limitations on pole dancing.

Do pole classes allow for a more relaxed atmosphere during your dance?

Yes they do! You can relax during your routine by listening to what other people are doing. You do need to know when to strike. If you strike the correct way, when it’s right for the spot, the spot will follow from that point on. When you can see each other there is more to it. Most pole classes will hold at least one lesson each week with lots of variation. You will see your friends and other students and this will build on the practice.

Who needs a pole class?

There are many reasons a person does a pole class or an hour of dance in an area that is off limits to them. There are young couples who are new to dancing or those with disabilities or chronic diseases. Parents of children with disabilities or for older individuals with some degree of mobility that are no longer able to sit on the floor. People who do not want to put a lot of effort and expense into the pole.

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Why can’t we do the same thing at home?

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