Is there a weight limit for pole dancing?

Although we don’t usually give out specific advice on how to be a pole dancer, we do agree that you should only participate in the Pole Dancing World Championships if you want to be the best there is.

While there are many pole dancers in the world, we feel that the best place to get your pole dancing fix is in the USA. To find out more about American pole dancing, visit the US Pole Dancing World Championships.

And don’t forget to check out the many other American pole dance competitions.

What do you do if you’re not a pole dancer?

We’re here to help you! If you feel you have another interest and would like as much help as possible, and would like to have a pole-dance club of your own, we suggest that you check out our Pole Dance Club Directory.

Are you planning to compete in the World Championships?

If you’re thinking about competing in pole dancing, we do recommend that you start by getting to know our pole dancing events. We can guide you through the competition registration process, and we’ll work with you to select the best location/event for you.

If you would like more information about World Championships, please call an experienced pole dancing coach today!

(Adds background on China’s policy changes)

By Jonathan Stempel

Irish Pole Dancing Championship 2010IMG_3606.JPG |
NEW YORK, April 16 (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday took steps to prevent Americans from selling digital money to Chinese buyers, but said enforcement options for Americans are limited due to legal limitations on foreign ownership.

The new rules, set to take effect in an initial six-month period, do not prohibit foreigners from receiving money in digital form from people in China who want to send it to relatives and friends outside the country. The U.S. government sees no need to prevent Chinese citizens accessing money stored elsewhere.

The move is the first step in what are likely to be months of new rules aimed at curbing cyber money transactions among Chinese citizens and businesses.

“Americans who have done business with Chinese banks, through wire transfers, or other types of money services businesses abroad and have received payment in digital form from a Chinese person must report that fact to the FBI,” the Justice Department said in prepared remarks.

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“Additionally, if in the future foreign government officials wish to receive payments in digital form, they must report on the foreign government’s involvement