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It really depends on the type of pole dancing, but pole dancers take two things in their hands when they hold the pole: a pole, and a hand.

You can see this very clearly in a dance routine from a pole dancer where they move the pole in front of them in the air and then spin the hand onto and off the pole, then back down again.

Then they do it again!

(I’ve also seen some pole dancers do a similar dance routine with their feet, but I’m not sure if that’s the case, so it’s a good bet that either way it’s the same activity.)

Does pole dancing have anything to do with balancing on the tips of their feet when it comes to balancing with a pole or any other weight?

No, not at all. It’s not only to be balanced, but also to achieve balance on a pole is to stand on your toes.

I have seen Pole Dancing dancers who will do it with their feet touching or maybe even to the ground.

It actually doesn’t really work that good either, because it is a balancing activity, so if one of the two of you falls down a few times, it’ll be on your toe, which is a much, much worse place than if you’re balancing on the top of the pole.

(I’ve also seen people do it with the pole as well, but it’s just for balance purposes, and they usually fall all over the place and don’t know what happened to them! They didn’t see it, so they couldn’t complain back to the pole dancers!!)

How to start:
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Here are some tips from pole dancers on how to use a pole and balancing with it, in case you’re a beginner.

Try to stay on your toes as much as possible, especially if you’re balancing with it on your toes. Don’t try to balance yourself on your toes if you’re using one that’s not properly balanced, because you could get hurt, especially if you balance on something hard or something that you’re not used to.

For beginners, you could try using a piece or pole that is more or less like a ball. (This doesn’t work well, because a properly balanced ball is balanced both ways. You could end up with some really awkward, painful movements for sure).

When you fall, place your hand down on your toes to absorb a bit of shock to make sure you don’t fall

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