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It is very helpful to do a routine that is repetitive and can be done many times a day. This is for more experienced dancers that have been doing it for awhile. But it can also be used for beginners. I did what I call a Baja drill that involves four exercises.

Doing these 4 exercises is not going to move your pole. You will just need a feeling that you can do the exercises again.

The exercises are:

1. Standing on the left hip and using your left foot that is holding the poles, hold for 3 breaths with the left foot in front of your left leg.

2. Standing on the right hip and using the right foot that is holding the poles and lift your left leg to the left hand holding from behind which is above your right knee.

3. Doing the Baja drill and using your right hip or lower leg or right foot that is holding the pole you are going to do one set of 5 repetitions

Repeat this 2 more times, with each set consisting of 2 sets, but with different movements to really test your coordination.

Don’t be afraid of doing more repetitions since you only need more feeling that you can do these more times at once. It will only take you longer to get to the next step!

Other exercises include:

-Stand on the middle toe of the right foot, and hold for 3 breaths.

-Stand on the middle toe of the right foot lifting you legs off the floor.

-Inflating the pole by putting it in your palms.

-Putting the pole in the hands so the legs is in front of the hands while putting the hand holding it on the floor.

-Holding for 3 breaths, and then turning the hips back to a full extension and holding for 3 breaths.

-Repeat for 6 more repetitions (as many as you want).

The key here is to do more repetitions because then you have more feeling.

Pole dancing can be dangerous. It is not a great idea to start practicing pole dancing while someone is in the hospital or in a coma and you can get injured from it.
Guys Try Pole Dancing For The First Time - YouTube

If you are not sure what to try, ask a friend who was injured a time before and have been teaching pole dancing to them to try. In order to do the pole dance correctly you need to have the basic movements perfected before you start doing any other activities.

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