What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dance Lessons Las Vegas

It’s not that we are trying to build a pole dance routine for you. It’s just that the more basic exercises will put you on the path of pole dancing from now on. If you want to learn pole and are trying to improve your techniques, then the basic ones are what will help you the most, without changing the rest of your routine.

1. Lifting

How much lifting? How often? How good can this be? You don’t have to lift all the time to be successful.

The only way to keep a consistent and healthy bodyweight on a pole is to lift. If you are a beginner, you won’t be able to lift your bodyweight and perform well (and you might even get injured!)

There are two basic techniques for lifting poles, and each one has a different level of fitness.

1. Stabilisation

Your goal is to get the pole as far away from your body as possible. This helps to reduce impact on your body and avoid injuries. You can do this by placing the pole next your upper torso (or upper arm if you use a pole extension, or hold in front of your arm) and using the arms and torso as a buffer. Do you see how easy it feels?

2. Pull-in

This technique is used in the beginning of a competition, to build speed and precision. If you are only lifting for the first few steps of a sequence, this is probably the most direct and easy way to improve your technique.

What movements can be performed?

It’s important to start simple, with simple and straight-forward pole moves. We have to stay away from complex movement patterns, as they usually cause injuries or are too time-consuming, so we focus on just some simple movements.

For example, you can move your body from a hip hop to a high step in 15 seconds. You need to keep the rhythm simple, and move it at a very high speed.

It’s difficult to do it efficiently in practice, because this requires a lot of concentration, which is not easy to maintain during a competitive event. For this reason, we recommend only basic exercises, like walking, jumping or skipping. This way you can start out without any experience, but with a certain level of fitness.

It’s also important to stick to straight-forward movements, that are easily performed in practice. Not only will this help you to get used to new moves and improve

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