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El Dorado pole dancing is a form of pole dancing that is unique to the American southwest. The term “el Dorado” refers to a large, rural area of the United States that is known for producing the world’s best dancers. There are also smaller parts of the nation known for producing high quality pole dancers. El Dorado Pole Dancing is considered one of the highest standard styles of pole dancing in the world. El Dorado is one of the oldest pole dancing styles in the American southwest and still practiced the same way it evolved thousands of years ago. It’s most recognizable form of dance is known as “El Dorado-style”. El Dorado Pole Dancing is unique in being a style where the pole moves across a board instead of being raised above the floor (i.e. Raised to the rafters and not the floor).

Who are the best known contestants in El Dorado Pole’s?

El Dorado Pole has been called “one of the most important styles of pole dancing ever” and is known for having extremely talented performers. There are some famous “el Dorado” pole dancers that have gone on to represent the United States. This list is a great place to jumpstart your pole dancing career!

Doris Klemperer was the first American to win the “World Championships of El Dorado Dance” held every year in the USA from 1968 until 1973. She was the first female to win the World Championships and the first ever American to be named “World Champion of Pole Dancing” in this style of pole dancing called “El Dorado style.” Doris Klemper was the first American to win the first World Championships in El Dorado and the first Pole champion for all three styles of el dorado. Doris was also the first American to win an event at the “World Championship of El Dorado”.

The legendary dancer of El Dorado style was George Bailey, also known as “Gus” Bailey or “The Black Donkey”. George Bailey is known for winning the first World Championships in El Dorado Style in 1971. He would go on to win the “World Championships of El Dorado & Ballet” in 1974. He went on to win four other World Championships in his “el Dorado” style of pole dancing.

El Dorado Pole Dance Contestant Contestants

El Dorado Pole Dance Contestants

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