What is pole exercise? – Pole Dance Exercise Classes Near Me For Seniors

Pole exercise is a technique that allows you to get all the muscle groups that you want to get stronger while still getting as much cardiovascular conditioning as possible.

While cardio has its place for athletes, you also end up having to maintain your weight, especially if you have a bodybuilding physique. You are also more likely to get injured if you don’t have the proper balance of body fat to sustain your endurance.

For those of you who are still wondering, pole exercise is a style of running that allows you to run along vertical poles to move the weight on your body.

Why does it look so cool? Do I need it?

You might not always need pole exercise, but I highly recommend it for any athlete who has a history of muscle aches or injury. It will keep you on your toes and gives you a good excuse to keep your cardiovascular fitness up.

You will also increase the overall body burn throughout your workout and will help balance out the high intensity workouts that come with a heavy weight.

The benefits of pole exercise include:

Burning fat while training.

Getting all the muscle working while gaining the endurance necessary to get over injured muscle groups.

Reduced risk of injuries related to muscle fatigue from low intensity training.

Carrying less body fat with less fat gain.

Pole exercise is an excellent way to burn your carbs as well as build lean muscle mass.

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Beginner Pole Dance Routine ...
There are a ton of other benefits to pole exercise, but these are the ones that really matter, so I am going to focus on how it enhances your fitness.

Pole Exercise for the Beginner, Intermediate & Expert

If you are more adventurous than the first 3, then you can start with a beginner’s pole exercise routine. The best option for beginners is a slow and easy style of move where your body is just getting ready to move to the next. However, you will need to be a bit more cautious than a good beginner. You can move slowly but not far. If you jump up to a higher power pole, you could hit the top and damage your joints at the top. If you are just starting, the fastest and easiest moves are fine to learn. You do not need to use a speed pole.

Once you gain strength, you can pick up faster than a novice. You need not use a pole that is too heavy to handle. However, you should never use a speedpole that is too light to

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