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If you’ve been to pole dancing classes, you may know how important balance and stability are in pole dancing. Most pole dancing techniques that work in a dance hall will work much better in a pole dance studio. When practicing with one partner, you may have to stand up or sit down to practice balance. Your partner will most likely be positioned by a pole as well. There are no such things as floor or vault classes for pole dancers in the gym. With the studio, you will usually have to practice the moves during the practice time, and the moves will be much more fluid. This is part of why it is important to practice with a partner.

What types of exercises are taught in an instructional pole dance studio?:

There are two types of exercises which are taught in an instruction pole dance studio. One is the beginner style and teaches fundamental principles of pole dance such as the principles to work with your partner, the correct way to perform different moves and also basics of balance and muscle coordination. A more advanced exercise called a “pro” style pole dance exercise teaches advanced techniques from the beginners exercise and also emphasizes the foundation fundamentals of pole dance such as muscle coordination, balance and balance between the legs and hips.

Why can’t you just learn pole dancing in the gym, like regular dancers?

You can, of course. Just about any level of dancing is easier to learn at a pole dance studio than at a gym. If you are a regular dancer, you will have seen some of these basics taught in classes, but they are more of an essential technique than what you will learn at gyms.

I am an instructor and would like to teach one of your dance classes. What would I have to do to get your attention?

First of all, if you are looking to learn pole dancing at a pole dance studio then you will probably make more sense as an instructor at a pole dance studio than in a gym. The most common reason people learn, or learn quickly, is by having a good instructor who is there to guide them through the basics. Second is that many instructors that teach in the gym are also pole dancers. Many of them also have experience teaching dancers at gyms, and this allows pole dancers to learn at a pole dance studio without making physical barriers. Lastly, pole dancers can learn much faster in the studio than at a gym because of the speed at which you learn techniques. At a pole dance studio, you may not be able to dance in under 5 minutes, but you

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