What should a beginner wear to pole dancing?

First things first, don’t feel that you have to go for a dress or high heels to wear with pole dancing. If you’re unsure then think of the dancing as an extra special event and take it as such. Some beginners wear more casual clothes that give them the perfect frame for pole. You can try and fit in some formal dress at the pole but remember that you will not be in the audience. Try to dress with some sense of control and style.

Should the clothing be comfortable for you to wear? Don’t be scared off by cheap clothing, you’ll be doing something you will enjoy in return once you’re wearing it. There is a balance between comfort and clothing, and being comfortable will be an easier choice than wearing something flimsy you’ll be struggling to put on over time.

What are the basics of pole dancing?

Pole dancing is a form of dance. Pole dancing is based on the principles of balance, strength, and mobility. Pole dancing relies on your ability to move quickly, powerfully, and with balance whilst controlling your own limbs. Pole dancing is not a performance that is designed to look professional – it is in fact a dance that helps keep you active and energetic.

Can you teach me how to swing?

Yes and no. You can be a beginner and teach others how to swing but there will always be someone who wants to learn from you. You will need training or experience and it will take time and practice to really have a good go and then get recognised by some pole dancing competitions.

Are there any other ways I get involved?

Yes, you can organise a class or club night to help teach others how to dance. There are many options out there and the best way to find them is to ask about them. This way you’ll know what you’re signing up for and will be the first to know if others want to join you. In the UK you can find all sorts of local dance clubs to organise classes for beginners around central London. Check out The Pole Dancing Club website for local listings.

What are the benefits of going pole dancing?

Pole dancing provides a huge boost to your health and wellbeing. For young people, it can help them become better at body control, mobility, and the ability to learn new skills. It can also give you some balance in a society where so much is often put on the shoulders of the individual.

What happens if I run out? Do I need to come back