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In his autobiography, The Art of the Pole Dance, Albert Einstein reveals the name of the first modern pole dancer he studied with:

He was a man who had no particular name for pole dancing . . . He had no particular method . . . The name he could recall was “Gloria Novello.”

How did they get a name?

In his book The Theory of Relativity, Werner Heisenberg explains:

In his early childhood he could not even stand for an hour without falling asleep. One day he got up, put on his ballet uniform, and went downstairs. He was so fascinated by the ballet which he had never seen, and so moved that he fell down, and came out of it with the idea of inventing the theory of relativity (see chapter 23, below).

What does Einstein say?

In his book, Einstein describes a pole dancer named Florence Novello, who danced in the first ballet he ever saw:

The first two movements of this ballet were by a woman: the right-handed dancer with an overcoat and gloves (whose head was in a large jar called a gondola) and the left-handed dancer with a long coat covered with scarves and a red cap (the first two women to dance in this ballet). At a certain point, the two women in a circle took up one end of the jar, danced around the circle, and then went forward again.

How does this relate to Einstein’s description of how physics came about?

There is no longer any doubt that the physics that created the first electric or magnetism came about because of a series of collisions, the so-called standard model of particle physics.

However, Einstein, himself, was a bit confused about how this theory came about. It had been observed before, but Einstein didn’t know when it happened.

What can physics still learn from the pole dancing experience?

As in the case with Einstein, a big part of what we can learn from the first pole dance experience is that it gives us inspiration and encourages us to imagine what might be possible.

Are there lessons to be learned from the dance?

Yes! Even if we think our physics is hard and boring, with the pole dance we got a big kick in the pants! We were inspired enough to dream big.

What can we learn from the pole dancing experience today? Here are some:

Ask yourself what you want

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