Where did pole dance originated? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

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The concept of pole dancing originated in Germany in the late nineteenth century. It went from being a very theatrical, somewhat romantic, sport to something that you could get your family involved in. The first one I heard of was in the 1930s when a dancer in Detroit went to the Olympics and won the gold medal in pole dancing.

It’s still a really exciting activity, even though it’s kind of sad that the sport got so popular. What’s the biggest challenge in creating a pole dancing event, given the number of options available to you as a club?

You get what you pay for. Because we have so many different styles of pole dancing, it’s really tough to have one “official” standard of pole dancing that everyone goes to. We’ve always had a lot of variety and a lot of different styles and we will definitely continue to grow in that, but we will also get more professional. The hardest part about producing a full-court game in pole dancing is getting the right talent to perform. If it’s not in a place like Los Angeles or Philadelphia where the city has a ton of venues, you could put up a dance on the corner of a strip mall but it might look like an old man on a porch. We’ve had a few pole dancers that have become huge names over the years because they had great choreography and great technical skills, but it comes down to good choreography and people who are willing to work hard.

I have to ask: What have you learned about pole dancing in the last few decades that you’ve incorporated into all of your shows?

I love this sport as a human being. It’s something that you do for yourself and you’re not going to get that if you go out there and get the money to put on a pole dance show. The best thing about pole dancing is that it’s a way of bringing something different to a room than what another art form could ever accomplish.

Can you sum up how your show is organized?

To give an idea, we have seven judges at pole dancing shows. We’ll use them to make sure there is never an indecipherable routine with three people in the same pose. You have five to eight judges, who are actually our choreographers, who are going to give you pointers regarding technique. As someone who is always on the lookout for anything that can be good pole dancing, I like to put in my two cents. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re a beginner

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