Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Pole Dancing Classes Orlando Fl

That’s a very difficult question, because if the winner of pole, women’s world championship, has the highest number of wins, that’s not really saying much. It seems fair to say it’s better to be on the winning team than to have been the only one.

What is the best pole dance? It’s kind of like that, a question that has no right answer. People are always asking that. There are good dancers in every art that you can imagine… I can say the best of what I know is really at the World Pole Dance Finals in London next month and that’s really good, but I don’t think it’s the best pole dance in the world.

The World Pole Dance Finals in London in October

So your answer was the “best pole? It depends on the event”. I’m curious too, I had the opportunity to go with the Pole Club of Santa Barbara for the last year’s competition and I did not perform very well, which really impressed me… So pole, the ultimate pole dance, but I’m interested in how pole is being used in contemporary contemporary dance…

The World Pole Dance Finals in London in September

Is there a kind of pole that’s been more dominant in contemporary dance in the last five years or was pole more “popular” in contemporary dance in the last year or so?

I think it’s been definitely more dominant in contemporary dance. Pole came into the game in a big way in ’95. I mean they were playing the whole field on pole and it really took off. In the ’90s, you were talking about a lot of high-profile dancers like Angela Kay, Diana Ross and Cher, but in ’95 the most prominent, most visible pole dancers were Debra Messing, Eileen Davidson, Diana Dorsett. That’s when the next big star for dance went into the game.

Debra Messing and Angela Kay

What about those other styles, what about contemporary…

As we get further away from the 1950s and the ’50s and the ’60s and so on, we’ve just lost the big stars, I think pole is still the most popular contemporary style.

Is it a part of your repertoire now to incorporate pole? For this, you have to use a pole. Why not?

That’s so crazy! We started pole in the early 2000s but I mean I didn’t really think about bringing pole into my repertoire. The reason behind that

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