Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dance Shoes

Does it have a cultural history? Did I just use a term that sounds like I was talking about sex?

Sure. And if they’re wearing them because their feet are hurting, who’s to say they aren’t going to have sex? I’m a bit confused how you can tell.

OK, so some pole dancers (and I’m talking about dancers who are in the business all the time) still wear heels. The reason they wear them is because it’s comfortable and easy to maintain, and for women with tight calves, it can be a little tight in the back.

As someone who’s had a very serious ankle sprain recently, I did notice all the red on my heels, so I wore slippers.

Does every dancer wear them? No. But I’m a female pole dancer, I’d say about half (I’m not sure I’d say 10%) of your readers are like that.

There’s also a very specific reason why they don’t: dancers are dancers. There are pole dancers that take pole classes. There are pole dancers who are teachers. There are the occasional couple of friends that just want to dance around in a circle. And there are dancers who don’t feel like having to wear those shoes. They just don’t feel it is right to wear them.

Is it wrong to feel weird about that? I guess we all feel weird about that to.

And what exactly is the cultural history of bare feet? Are pole dancers the exception and dancers who wear heels the norm? Are you trying to justify a cultural norm or are you trying to excuse it?

I know some pole dancers feel a bit weird about it. It’s kind of awkward sometimes. But the truth is nobody ever had a reason to do that, not even our mothers and grandmothers.

Are you concerned about your image being in the wrong light? I guess you have to be in order to be allowed to do something.

Do you feel like there is some kind of cultural code of pole dancing that allows a certain style of dancing or that there are specific things dancers shouldn’t do?

Sure, but I’m talking about something that happened in the past, and that can’t be changed.

Are there any cultural codes of pole dancing that are being written out of history? I think they can be written out of history, it’s just that it’s not something that has really existed since we’ve been dancing around and doing pole for thousands

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