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This was not how I saw it at first when I first met them. The women seemed to have an incredible sense of balance, and were extremely relaxed. But when I first met them and tried a couple of their moves, I could tell they’d put in a lot of effort into it. The way they pushed up against their chaps made me think of a woman with a tight skirt or dress on, but it actually looked so relaxing. Some of the ladies were really happy to pose for the camera, taking all the photos and showing the cameras how happy they were to take the photos for the sake of their photos. After a few sessions, they stopped posing and were a bit nervous about where the next shoot was going to take them, but they made it work without much trouble. Most of them were very nice, especially the ones that have been in the city for four or five years. The only ones who really took umbrage at this were the ones that had spent much of their dance career in the UK and Ireland, but the ones that stayed behind were nice; in fact they were more relaxed than the ones that were here recently.

What’s up with the girls that wear so many shoes?

The dancers have this tendency to be wearing a lot of shoes, but it’s not necessarily just for a dance, but for other work as well. I found the ones that have a lot of shoes tend to have a much better image. They have some kind of a “wore-out” look, which is definitely not for everyone, but those that have been to New York or Paris will be more of the same. A few of them would wear their heels on the street, and I know several of the dancers who go to the office every day wearing them, so that’s very well documented in their social media sites.

What do you think of pole dancing? Is it a thing or is it just in style?
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I’ve never heard of people dancing to something else, as far as I know. I really like the pole, but the fashion show that people dance to, the pole dance style at least, seems to be a trend in the NYC underground for some time. That’s to do with the fact that it’s a new experience, new people to dance to – and not for the first time. The most I heard was from the girls who have been to NYC or LA to dance the pole before, and then the dance scene here itself started to expand and catch on

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