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First of all, I like watching people dance. I like seeing people look at each other and laugh. It’s good. It’s social. It’s fun. I like seeing people have a good time; we’re all social beings. I’ll be at the bar once and a couple of my buddies will be there. It’s nice to be invited. That’s definitely a good thing.

You’re an actor?

Yes. That’s my first love. I did several TV shows and movies in the late 70s and 80s.

What kind of roles do you have?

I don’t really have any specific job, but a lot of times they’re a bit more specific in my movies. I’ve been a stage actor for a long time. I’m a stage actor in the comedy genre. I’ve also been a writer. I don’t usually go in for the more dramatic side or the sci-fi aspect, but in my head I’ll always have fun with sci-fi and action.

Do you do any writing yourself?

What I do is writing out lines, and I always put together a page and a half of the dialogue from a character in a movie, and when I write it out on the page it looks pretty much like a screenplay and then I’ll go back to the same thing and re-write it from scratch. For instance, in a scene in my last movie, “Lone Survivor,” I had to write a whole new dialogue for the part of a marine, just to fill the role of a marine.

Do you think of yourself as a writer first or a director?

I think I’m more of a writer. I’ve written a few stuff that gets filmed, but I also write a lot of movies, and usually a lot of them are either based on real people in real places that I know or have worked with, or they end up being a direct spin-off of stuff I’ve done when I started in the business.

It’s important for a director to have all the elements he needs to do the job—the actors, locations, sets—and also, ideally, all the time to do it. A few director’s hands can take a movie a lot longer, to create a whole new look or to figure out a whole new set of tricks.

What’s the last movie you did with Kevin Spacey?

It was “Saving Private Ryan.” It was the scene where the

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